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Life doesn’t have to be so damn difficult. It really doesn’t. Most people, my past self included, have spent too much time convincing ourselves that life has to be hard, a resignation to standing in the sidelines watching other men pick up women in the hopes that women will fall at your feet (rare) or occasionally you’ll meet not-so-right-for-you girls through friends. When we push through our limiting beliefs and see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s an amazing feeling. You smile everywhere you go and your happiness is infectious The thing I see is that once you start to expand your comfort zone to include attracting women for example, the side effect is that things outside of attracting women- such as  starting a side project or asking for a raise for example- will suddenly start to seem easier to accomplish.

There are hundreds of good moves I can tell you but you need to go out and get it

some of your own or trying the chat online So l’ets see the process in few steps Firstly You must learn to be always on the edge of what you feel you are capable of doing. If you sit back miss out on the opportunity.The surest way to avoid these scenarios is by being honest about your intentions. As a rule of thumb people will respond to you once you’re clear about what you want. On the other hand, I understand. You don’t want to scare women off right? Just coming up and saying

“Oh hey, I’m really only looking to get laid”

so take it or leave it honey” is probably going to get you a one way ticket to crash and burn town. The best way to get better with women is to focus on the areas that will push you into being the best version of yourself and work hard to stick with it. Complex animals (especially highly social animals) always have multiple dating strategies even in the wild. This means that for humans, there is more than one way to make women attracted to you. You have to pick up with the strategy that you were born with because if you try to adopt an ‘alpha’ strategy when this isn’t your personality, you are bound to make life harder for yourself. This doesn’t mean you cannot adopt an alpha personality and still get women. I’m sure you can. However it just means that alpha women tend to be attracted to alpha men and anyone but the extremely dominant male will absolutely HATE the dominant female. She is the demanding, constantly pushy woman that takes no crap from anyone. She will test you your whole life, and generally make you want to
buy a gun and shoot yourself in the face –

unless you are the right type of male.

Ithink that when you’re dealing with an age gap, meeting women face-to-face is especially important because you can have a chance to have fun with her before she screens you based on age. But chat online is a good way to increase your exposure to women, and it can be a key part of a lifestyle that involves constantly interacting with new people. I recommend you incorporate chat online into your lifestyle. You’re likely to get “hung up” on one particular woman, and put all your eggs in that basket, when she’s the only option on your radar. If you’re on chat online with new women, you’ll never feel that you NEED to make it happen with a certain girl. You’ve got a Plan B, a Plan C, and so on.



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