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There are so many times in life when we could get a “yes,” but get a “no” instead—simply because we phrased the request the wrong way. When you approach a girl, she has a million reasons to say no. She may be looking for reasons to  shoot you down, because she’s worried  that you’re going to be yet another boring, unoriginal guy who’s going to try to monopolize her time. Or, her reasons for ignoring you could be beyond your control. You might resemble the jerk who broke her heart in the tenth grade. She might be coming off a bad relationship, and while she’s sitting there having a drink at the bar, her ex-boyfriend is texting her phone  and stressing her out. Or, she might be stressed out from her job. so what’s the technqiues can makes her interested in starting a conversation with you  simply it’s all about how you comunicate

2-the opening

Effective Approach Tactics

The most effective openers are ones that sneak under her radar and don’t sound like opening lines.  (Remember, you don’t want to telegraph that you’re interested in her.) Instead of opening with a question such as, “Hi, I’m Joe, what’s your name?” Or, “How are you doing tonight?”,  try making a statements that includes some type of observation about her.

I can see you know how to have fun. Alright, you’re on the guest list for my next party.”
“Quick question. There’s this cool pair of jeans that I want to buy for a friend of mine.
She’s around your size, but it’s hard to say,
exactly. I’m just wondering

should I buy them a little bit bigger, or a little bit smaller? If the size is too big, I’m worried she might get a
little bit offended…but if they’re too small, that might bum her out,you know? Which would you prefer if someone bought you jeans that were a little bit too big,
or a little too small?” If this sounds like something trivial to ask a woman about, that’s sort of the point. What you start talking to her about is irrelevant, as long as it’s something original and compelling enough to make her reply. The purpose of your opener, whether it’s a question, a statement, or a little story like the one above,
Is simply to be original and get her talking. Once she starts talking, you’ll find a way to interject and move the conversation into a different topic. (You wouldn’t want to spend the next five minutes on a discussion about jeans,
or how how females have negative perceptions of their bodies, or whatever The point of the story was to OPEN the conversation, nothing more.)

1-Tease, Push, Pull

“Teases” ar This is so powerful technique. You can sneak in a tease by making a statement that implies you’re a man in demand, with high with high standards:

The girls I’ve dated recently have been high-maintenance. They looked beautiful, but there’s was always drama. It seems to be that extremely beautiful women are often the most insecure. It’s cool to meet a normal girl, like yourself, who I can relax around.”

also if your’e on chat online theres is too many obstacles

like if You mention your age in an email, and she doesn’t respond. I hate to say this, but age is an issue for some girls. This is probably one of the most common issues guys face when trying the chat online, since you’ve got to try to communicate your personality through your profile, and cleverly on  chat online – when you email the girl and she she doesn’t respond to your email This is one of the most common issues guys face when they first get started with chat online,

and it causes some men to throw in the towel far too prematurely.
There are several reasons why this could happen:

1-The girl is simply unavailable:

she met someone and forgot to remove her profile from the dating site. You can easily overcome this by using a search filtered by “last date active.” Girls who haven’t been active for a while (usually over a week) are most likely less available then girls who are still active every day.

2-The girl is not in town/too busy/abducted by aliens/etc

Sometimes it’s just a matter of timing. She might not have enough time to reply, or she isn’t around to answer your email. In this case, don’t be a baby and start harassing her with emails asking why she didn’t answer your email, and why she’s ignoring you. Just wait for a while, and if you see that she’s been active like on chat room lately on the site, email her one more time.

3-You don’t know what to write in an email

Guys who are new to chat online often ask themselves: “What can I tell a girl about myself that will make her really interested in me?” Another question I hear a lot from older guys is, “should I explain why I’m contacting her, even though I’m out of her age range?” The answer might surprise you: tell her nothing! Don’t try to convince a girl to like you by telling her about your strengths and attributes.Don’t try to dazzle her with your personal “resume.” What you should do is convey the characteristics that generate attraction in a woman, through story telling and banter.





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