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Do you beleive is true that Every woman is a unique creature? If there’s one thing that I’m clear about it’s that women have more commonalties than they have differences. So let’s start with what I think they have in common and then we’ll move on to how they differ For most men, a woman is like a Chinese puzzle inside of a brain twister. Much of their behavior makes no sense at all women THINK differently than most men, and most women want different things than most men. This is hard for many men to grasp or understand, but it’s true. And the sooner you get a handle on what’s going on here, the sooner you’ll become more successful with women even at chat online .

Have you ever stopped to think about what entertains women as a group compared to what entertains men as a group? Women buy Cosmopolitan magazines, watch soap operas, and read romance novels. Men buy Playboy, watch sports, and read the paper Hey, wait a minute here! What’s in those Cosmos,soaps, and romance novels? And why are women so attracted to them?And why is it that when men try to watch a soap opera or read a romance novel all they can say is, “I don’t get it…”?

Wired differently from men’s brains. That’s why. And by telling you about what attracts women’s attention, I’ve also given you a clue about how to attract them to YOU Why Women Are Attracted To Things Like Fame,Money, And Power In my opinion, women are attracted to things like fame, money, and power because they are genetically and socially programmed on an unconscious level to believe that these men are more intelligent, more fun, more interesting, more able to give them the lifestyle – and MOST IMPORTANTLY – more able to give them the FEELINGS that they want. In his book Influence, Robert

Cialdini talks about a psychological principle called the ‘Halo Effect’. In a nutshell, humans naturally assume that
attractive and powerful people are smarter and more trustworthy than average people.

1-Don’t assume a woman’s wants and needs are the same as your own

Remember that there is an inherent biological difference in the way male and female brains are wired. Instead of letting it confuse you (which happens to 99.9% of all men), learn to use it to your advantage so they will become interested in YOU.

2-women are far more interested in the way you make them feel rather than looks,money,or fame

If you think about it, we guys have it pretty good. In most cases when a man is not physically attracted to a woman, there is very little she can do to turn his feelings around. Luckily for us, women aren’t programmed the same way. It’s very possible for a man who ISN’T tall, good looking, or rich to make a woman feel the same powerful feelings we do when we see a drop-dead gorgeous woman.Nice.

3-comunicate that you are the selector and not the selecter

There is nothing you can do to stand out in a woman’s mind faster than to let her know that you are SELECTIVE
when it comes to women.Most guys will ‘settle’ for anything they can get. Whenyou let a woman know that you are actually sizing HER up, SHE’LL be the one trying to impress you.

4-don’t settle for second-class

Women are accustomed to having a guy kiss their ass and do anything and everything to attempt to please
them… but all it does is drive them nuts. When a woman meets a man she thinks she might be interested in, she wants to know RIGHT AWAY if he is one of “those guys” that she should stay away from. How does she do this? by testing him to see just how far she can go. Letting her get away with things like being rude, whining, or complaining, tells her INSTANTLY that you aren’t the strong man she wants and needs.
So stand up for yourself and don’t ever except second-class behavior from a woman. She’ll thank you for it.

5-don’t try to buy her affection with presents,gifts,and favors

When a man takes a woman out to nice dinners and buys her gifts too early in the relationship, the woman will
begin to think the man is trying to ‘buy’ HER. Women see this as manipulation… and a lack OF confidence. Think about it. Women want a man who has enough confidence in himself to know that he can please her without having to pull out his wallet. If you spend too much money on a woman or do too many favors for her, you are subtly telling her that your pocketbook is all you have to aoofer.



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