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In our days if someone wants to start a relationship one of the best places is chat online Internet dating is growing in popularity at an exponential rate, and rightly so. It’s fast, efficient, completely safe, and is suitable for everyone and anyone no matter what your background, who, or what you doing There are an endless number of ways to approach on Internet dating,but by and large there are some basic steps that are followed by most successful Internet daters

here some tips to go on with chat online

 1.editing your profile photo

There is a lot you can do to improve your profile by editing your photo. The first step is to read the web site’s guidelines about adding photos, they will often contain tips as how to best format your photo.Many sites will resize your photo to fit into a standard ‘frame’ on your profile page, and this can make your perfect photo look like
something from the Twilight Zone.

2.Getting Maximum Exposure

It doesn’t matter how fantastic your profile is; if no one can see it then you might as well not have bothered. There are many ways to make your profile more visible, and in some cases ensuring that your profile is seen by everyone that enters the site.

 3.Paying for Extra Exposure

some sites enable you to pay additional cash to have your profile made more visible , which can mean putting you at the highest point of list items or showing your profile on the principle page. The brilliant and genuine Internet dater will utilize this to advance beyond as a little cost is nothing when it comes to looking for your perfect match. It can cost less than a typical dinner date, so it’s a wise investment. These techniques of chat online work, and work well, use them to your advantage. Or choose to ignore them and let your competition get all the dates

4.Stretching the Truth

Yes it’s true, believe it or not people lie and stretch the truth in their profiles, you never would have guessed right? In fact, almost everyone does it to some extent. After all, you are trying to sell yourself, and who’s going to admit to being a fat lazy slob with a tendency to make rude bodily noises. Instead, you might describe yourself in a positive light − “I’m an average looking, outgoing carefree person…”

If you can make a girl laugh, you’re way ahead of most guys. I’ve seen girls communicating, dating and sleeping with guys who have red flags saying “DO NOT date this guy!” splattered all over them—only because they were really funny, and know how to make a woman loosen up and laugh.

Now, when I say be fun, I don’t mean that you need to include jokes in your email. I’m talking about playful humor—teasing the girl, making light fun of her.

For example, sometimes girls will accidentally email me their same first reply twice, because they clicked the “send” button twice. I’ll accuse them of being in love with me, and playfully ask them if they have any stalker tendencies. I make sure to let them know that I’m kidding, and that I’m teasing them, but of course they’ll write me back to deny it…and the correspondence is now moving ahead.

 6.multiple your chances

Email all of the attractive women in your search range and see where it takes you. Don’t be surprised if you only get a few replies, or none at all, at first. You need to keep hacking away at it. The reality of chat online is that there are
2-3 times as many guys online sites as women, and the gals are wading through dozens, sometimes hundreds, of emails. It’s similar to regular dating, to be quite honest careful

If you’d met this same girl while you were out shopping on a Sunday afternoon, she might be immediately interested in your personality, your style, etc. But when you’re attempting to meet women on online chat, she has a lot
less information to go on—and more reasons to hit the “delete” button, simply because she has preconceived notions
about the age range she thinks she is interested in. Women (both offline and on online chat ) are interpretive creatures. Everything you say gets filtered through her mental computer, and if you make something into an issue, it will become an issue for her as well. so Why bring up anything that will give her a reason to doubt or reject you? She can see your profile, and if she doesn’t like it, she won’t respond (and there are ways to overcome that, too)…but if she does like what you have to say, you’ll be in the door, even if you’re 20 or 30 years older than her.

 9-what to say in an email

Guys who are new to online chat often ask themselves: “What can I tell a girl about myself that will make her really interested in me?” Another question I hear a lot from older guys is, “should I explain why I’m contacting her, even though I’m out of her age range?”

The answer might surprise you: tell her nothing! Don’t try to convince a girl to like you by telling her about your strengths and attributes. Don’t try to dazzle her with your personal “resume.” What you should do is convey the characteristics that generate attraction in a woman, through story telling and banter

 10-be confident

Assume she is already attracted to you, and will definitely want to respond to your email. Don’t write things like, “I hope you’ll like my profile” or “or please write me back,” or end your email with, “eagerly waiting your response.” Assume that she is going to dig you, and the only thing left to figure out will be the logistics of your first meet

11- Be different.

If she does something well, claim to be better at whatever it is. If a woman thinks she’s so cool, make fun of her dorky side. If she is smart, start little arguments. By pushing in a playful way and showing some backbone, she will push back and the game will be on.
Teasing is also great, so do it a lot. Also, know this… women do not want to learn everything about you at once.



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